Aphrodisiac Cocktails Anyone? Pt. 2: Gentlemen's Edition

Photo Credit - Getty Images/ bhofack2​ How about an arousing aphrodisiac cocktail and fun facts this Valentine’s month that are sure to stimulate your taste buds…and possibly more?  Welcome back to part 2 of our 2-part aphrodisiac cocktails article series in honor of the month of love…and much...

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Mix in the History: Black History Month & The African American Bartender

Photo Credit -  **Scroll to the bottom of this article for delicious cocktail recipes, all curated by influential African American mixologists based in the Maryland & Washington, D.C. areas.** What is Black History Month? February is a month dedicated to recognizing key African...

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Aphrodisiac Cocktails Anyone? Pt. 1: Ladies’ Edition

Photo Credit - VeselovaElena/Getty Images How about arousing aphrodisiac cocktails and fun facts this Valentine’s month that are sure to stimulate your taste buds…and possibly more?  Buckle up as Sly Cosmopoulos, Republic National Distributing Company’s Corporate Mixologist, takes us on this...

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Milk & Honey | Adding a Little Culture to Your Cocktail

Photo Credit -v Getty Images/Sanny11 When you think of refreshing cocktail ingredients, yogurt is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. Dairy in beverage form tends to conjure up images of dessert drinks like milkshakes, malts, White Russians, Brandy Alexanders, and/or Grasshoppers....

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Drinking it Straight in 2019

Photo Credit - Lacheev / GettyImages Do you ever envy that cool guy or gal at the bar that orders bourbon on the rocks?  Wondering how you can stop drinking mixed drinks and start enjoying the subtle nuances of a fine Cognac?  Well I’ve been there and done that, and I’m now an avid straight...

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Adventure Sipping with Brandy

Photo Credit -  CHOO CHOO! All aboard the brandy train! Brandy is kicking the door down in the American market cocktail scene. Often misunderstood, what is clear is its resurgence in the beverage marketing sector in a consumer-focused industry. Brandy is any distilled spirit made from...

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The Infamous Alton Brown Aged Eggnog

Photo Credit - kajakiki/Getty Images As most folks seem to know, Alton Brown is the man.  Not only has he nailed cooking, but he has a keen understand of alcohol. During the holiday season, you may indulge in some eggnog, but the problem for most people is that the carton you buy at the...

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Nog Suited for the Naughty & Nice

Photo Credit - Minzia/Getty Images If you see a large man… Who’s jolly and cute, Wearing a beard and a red flannel suit, and if he is chuckling and laughing away, while flying around in a miniature sleigh with eight tiny reindeer to pull him along, then let’s face it… Your eggnog...

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Get in the Holiday Spirits

Photo Credit - Getty Images/Julia Sudnitskaya The time is upon us. The holidays. For some, it is a time to get all the decorations down from the attic and begin the process of turning the “humble abode” into a winter wonderland. I mean, sometimes you just HAVE to show up your Cousin...

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Why the Bar Industry?

Photo Credit - Gaby Dyson/Unsplash Ever since getting into the hospitality industry at the tender age of 15 as a host for a restaurant, I have been fascinated by the bartender. It was either a really pretty female that just had this witty awesomeness about her, or a well built and good-looking...

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A Grasshopper Walks Into a Bar...

Photo Credit- dyscoh/Getty Images The bartender says, “We have a drink named after you.” The grasshopper asks, “Why do you have a drink named Stanley?” …A classic bar joke and a classic after-dinner cocktail. The Grasshopper was created around 1919 at Tujague’s in the New Orleans’ French...

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Pass Me A Pisco Sour Por Favor

Photo Credit - Viennetta/ShutterStock Feeling the itch to add a special twist to your holiday party this year? A Pisco sour might just fill that void. With its tangy sour flavor, hidden under its fun and frothy topping, your guests are sure to rave about it for months to come! The best part...

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Cocktail Sense and Seasonality

Photo Credit - LilyBanse/Unsplash Scotch in the winter, vodka in the summer, and everything in between during the fall and spring. Whether its a new appetizer or a cocktail special, ever since Joe Baum opened the Four Seasons in 1959, the idea of a seasonality, “creating food and drinks that...

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How to be More Cordial

Photo Credit - Unsplash/MarcBabin Cordials- They were first produced in Italian Apothecaries during the renaissance period, and then refined in England in the 15th and 16th century. Cordial spirits’ profiles can range from creamy, nutty, spicy, herbal, and of course fruity. The base spirit is...

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Savannah’s Historically Famous Cocktail

Photo Credit - Unsplash/Lily Banse  Thousands of visitors flock to this famous port city every year to enjoy all the things that make it the south’s most historic vacation destination.  With lush oak trees covered in Spanish moss, historic houses with wrought iron gates, and cobblestone...

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Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice

Photo Credit - gettyimages/macarosha In today's market what once was a bit of a challenge to create cocktails with pumpkin, is now fairly simple with Reàl Pumpkin Syrup. Though the trend has been made widely popular by baristas, it also now being asked for in cocktail bars. During the holidays...

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To Egg, or Not to Egg…

Photo Credit - Natalie Donofrio In the wake of the modern bartender creating all manners of flavors, the search for an ingredient to set them apart was set to “full steam ahead”. People from all parts of the world began to look into ingredients from all around them in order to create something...

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Save the Spirits! - Building Your Cocktails

Photo Credit - gettyimages/MaximFesenko To err is only human and every single one of us makes mistakes. If there were ever a formula for creating a mishap it would be: “Perform a delicate task while under high stress” i.e. bartending. If we can accept the concept of our own imperfection as...

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Sustainable Cocktails: Peel, Infuse, Dehydrate Repeat

Photo Credit - istock/foxys_forest_manufacture Bars and restaurants are looking to repurpose their waste and better their costs, and it is a lot easier than you would think. Here’s a look at a few methods I use at the RNDC Vision Bar: Repurpose all the fruits and herbs left over after a...

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Conscious Drinking & New Cocktails

Photo Credit- gettyimages/AnnaPustynnikova Recently I’ve been working with a team of scientists from Nova Southeastern University’s (NSU) Department of Pharmaceutical Science, as well as a chemical engineer, to develop a database for spirits mixed with super fruits, terpene/dabs, cannabis oils...

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Why Classics are Called Classic.

Photo Credit -gettyimages/grandriver In a past life, I was a beverage manager for multiple cocktail bars, and the first thing I always taught new hires was classic cocktails. In 2018 it seems everyone wants to be unique, and I firmly believe having offerings that another bar may not, will...

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The Perception of Flavor

Photo Credit - istockphoto/sveta_zarzamora One thing is for sure, the food and beverage industry is driven by flavor- We are driven by flavor. On a daily basis restaurants and bars across the U.S. try and guess what flavors their consumers will embrace, and what will be top sellers in their...

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