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Crafting Delicious Cocktails at Home

Photo Credit - iStock/MaximFesenko Ever been to a bar and had the “Most Amazing Cocktail EH-VER”? Often, certain bars put out the most delicious drinks, with seeming effortlessness. So, what do you do to try and replicate this experience at home? Perhaps you take a picture of the menu, make...

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Raise A Glass to Repeal Day

Photo Credit - iStock/MaximFesenko December 5th marks the anniversary of Repeal Day. The thirteen years of Prohibition were a dark time for the United States, as the criminalization of alcohol led not only to a rise in civil delinquency and organized crime, but also to the loss of customs...

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The American Pie of Spirits

Photo Credit - iStock/bhofack2 Bourbon is a super-hot spirit right now. How should you celebrate all the wonderful things about this uniquely American spirit? Maybe you could take a drive along The Kentucky Bourbon Trail and explore the distilleries and the history. You could always plan...

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Holiday Cocktail Survival Kit

Photo Credit - iStock/AlexRaths Many have seen Planes, Trains, and Automobiles- A movie that still makes me laugh the egg nog out of my nose, and question the sanity of my family. The holidays are a time to eat home cooked meals, bring family and friends together, and most importantly, share a...

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A Classic That Really Packs a Punch

Photo Credit - iStock/bhofack2 For many of us, punch has been a large part of our party beverage options since we were children. A mere mention of the word probably conjures memories of super-sweet concoctions full of an assortment of fruit juices with 7up and sherbet. But, punch has a long...

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History of the Frozen Cocktail

Photo Credit - iStock/dias46 Are we in the renaissance of the frozen cocktail? An “golden ice age” of cocktails - redesigned, fresher, tastier, and colder than before? The trends of the past few summers would say yes. Now before you get a sugar rush thinking about it, these aren’t your...

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Isn't it ironic? The Beer Cocktail

Photo Credit - iStock/Milkos I remember a specific moment about 5 years ago that I ordered a “have to try, can’t imagine how it will work out” cocktail at a nearby highly reputable restaurant.  I couldn’t stand it, I couldn’t believe someone put it on a menu, and I thought “this is the worst...

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Modern Cocktail Applications for Gorgeous Looking Drinks!

Photo Credit - iStock/MaximFesenko Looking to wow your party guests with a truly unique looking cocktail this Halloween? Use these two new mixology applications to create this awesome looking Asian Fizz long drink created by Florida mixologist David Ortiz. Aqua Faba: Bring on the...

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The Grand Tasting Event - Miami

Photo Credit - iStock/marchello74 Don’t miss out on the fifth annual Craft Spirits Fest’s Grand Tasting event. This Friday October 13th, the largest spirits and cocktail festival in Miami concludes with an evening full of cocktails, local restaurant hors d'oeuvres, and live music. The...

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When All Else Fails: The New York Sour

Photo Credit - iStock/alpaksoy The look on someone’s face when a bartender starts to pour wine on top of a cocktail is priceless.  While Sangrias, Sangarees, Spritzers, and Punches are always a popular favorite, the thought of taking a wine bottle and literally pouring a layer of wine over a...

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Graduating from Trash Can Punch

Photo Credit - iStock/a_namenko The punch itself is almost a lost art. Sure, you could say that frat houses are keeping the punch alive in trash cans across America, and while that certainly gets the job done, it’s lacking a bit in the elegance department. The punch deserves so much more. Some...


Just Make the Drink

Photo Credit - Rebecca Wright Last week, I was talking to a bartender who was telling me that you should never order a mojito in his bar and I felt compelled to defend both the mojito and the desire to drink one. Here is what I said: I will make you a mojito. No, really. You want one? I...

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To Fee or Not to Fee? (Are glycerin-based bitters inferior to ethanol-based bitters?)

Photo Credit - iStock/jacoblund Bitters are a fundamental cocktail component with origins rooted in medicinal tinctures. There is a seemingly infinite variety of bitters being produced commercially with new brands and flavors hitting the market daily; the vast majority of them are made with a...


Best Long Drink - 2017 WSWA Iron Mixologist Competition

Photo Credits - Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America Republic National Distributing Company's Florida Mixologist, David Ortiz, was awarded Best Long Drink at the 2017 Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America Iron Mixologist Competition. The WSWA Iron Mixologist Competition took place...

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Ocean City Cocktail Conference

Ocean City- a well- known resort town in Maryland that showcases miles of beaches, restaurants, bars, and people both young and old looking for a good time. While many locals and tourists look for theme park attractions, Republic National Distributing Company and Pernod Ricard brought a different...

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The Art of the Cocktail Competition

Photo Credit - iStock/MaximFesenko In today’s competitive hospitality industry, one of the most important aspects for success it to engage and build relationships with industry professionals such as bartenders.  The Cocktail Competition has emerged as a key type of event that is used to forge...

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Cocktail - The Finn MacCool

Photo Credit - Rebecca Wright This is one of the first really crafty drinks that I designed when I ran a bar. It’s a fun twist on an Old Fashioned. Four easy ingredients that all combine to deliver a velvety smooth and orange heavy experience. The name comes from an old Irish legend. Think...

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Underused & Abused - Grenadine

Photo Credit: iStock/bhofack2 Notable Cocktails - Jack Rose, Ward 8, Clover Club, Monkey Gland, Tequila Sunrise The story of grenadine is a sad one. How did it go from a proud ingredient in some of the best classic cocktails, to a bright red doom on grocery store shelves? What is the flavor...

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