Irish coffee krisztina

So the Story Goes...

Photo Credit: Krisztina Little When should you drink Irish coffee; the Irish say whenever you feel the need for something that will warm you to your toes. As you are sipping on this rich warm cocktail creation made with Irish whiskey, let yourself be taken back in time to 1943. The creator of...


The Espresso Martini

Photo Credit: Krisztina Little Hello Winter and coffee lovers! The Espresso Martini is a relatively young classic cocktail reaching back to 1980’s. It remained a solid option on the cocktail menus, and recent years as coffee culture expended became unchallenged. How is it possible to love...


Sparkling Moments

Photo Credit: Krisztina Little The excitement of the countdown on New Year’s Eve calls for a chilled bubbly cocktail. We are celebrating the new, cherish the past. Many of us have fresh commitments for the new upcoming year. This is a special celebration that deserves elevated high end...


A Cup of Cheer!

Photo Credit: Krisztina Little Holidays are great occasions to gather with friends, and family. Whether you are entertaining people, or being invited to a get together, you will indulge in food and festive holiday cocktails. Our brain translates different senses into feelings which connects us...

Gettyimages 1009420998

Rep the Ferment, Drink Kvass!

Photo Credit- shoot_nik When the average person thinks of popular fermented beverages, Kombucha and Kefir probably come to mind the fastest.  However, if you are a fan of the fermented your mind probably goes further to Ginger Bugs and Tepache. But, there are hundreds of different types of...


The Day of the Dead Old Fashioned

Photo Credit- Krisztina Little The cocktail world is embracing this Mexican celebratory event with colorful tequila and mezcal creations. The ingredients are reflecting a contrast between sour and sweet, light and dark, and a gateway to cozy winter spices. Tasting these cocktails provide you a...

Gettyimages 482028732

The Hallmark of a Good Cocktail

Photo Credit- gettyimages/puchkovo48 The hallmark of a good cocktail is balance. Bringing together multiple ingredients and flavors to create something greater than the sum of its parts. Balancing sweetness, bitterness, acidity etc. to make something not just palatable but delicious. A handy...

Pineapple coconut water 3

Non-Alcoholic Cocktails & How To Keep Up

Photo Credit: In a recent project in which I do not consume alcohol from Monday at 8am until Friday at 8pm, I’ve observed some very interesting things. When you don’t consume alcohol, you see way more, and you learn a lot. Lately,...

Attach34272 20190729 022108

The Piña Colada--Not Just for Rum Anymore

Photo Credit: Matthew Carter The origins of the first Piña Colada are not exactly clear, what is known for sure however is that it was most likely created in Puerto Rico. A delicious combination of rum, coconut cream, pineapple, and sometimes heavy cream was first served up sometime between...

Sly mixology monday photo

Seeing is Believing...and Tasting

Photo Credit: Agent 485 They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder- but what about taste? Many don’t realize that flavor is found in the part of the brain where touch, smell, and vision are found. Flavor is very hard to define because it is abstract, and it is emotional and at times...

Gettyimages 181880760

Muddled or Not...

Photo Credit- gettyimages/viennetta Order an Old Fashioned in a craft cocktail bar and you are likely to get whiskey, syrup, and bitters with an orange peel. Order one in an older, classic cocktail bar and it will be all of the above plus muddled orange and cherry. So, which one is the...

Gettyimages 994492332

Gin & Tonic Revolution

Photo Credit- gettyimages/ahirao_photo There’s nothing I love more in the spring than sipping a delicious Gin and Tonic.  Because of its simplicity, it’s my preferred spring cocktail.  Normally in the past, you could just go to a bar and order a Gin and Tonic as an easy solution to drinking. ...

Oldfashioned 486759832

Just How Much is Too Much?

Photo Credit-gettyimages/Mindstyle In current cocktail culture, it’s hard to avoid seeing bar concepts that look like a carbon copy of another establishment down the street or in a neighborhood across town. Trends show even certain chain restaurants are able to execute a decent set of classic...

Gettyimages 915379848

The Frozen Conundrum

Photo Credit- AnnaPustynnikova/Getty Images Say you are sitting on a patio at your local bar enjoying a delicious frozen Strawberry Daiquiri with some friends and you think to yourself: “I can make this at home! I have rum and strawberries…How hard can it be?!” So, home you go. Break out...

Gettyimages 869642490

¡The El Diablo!

Photo Credit -  With Cinco de Mayo quickly approaching, thoughts of tequila-fueled debauchery begin to dance through our heads. But, the after-effects of overly sweet, sour mixes can ruin the ensuing days. This year stick with another classic cocktail - The El Diablo. Although it is a...


Throwback 90's & 00's Cocktails

Want to be taken back in time to the late 90’s/early 2000’s? Washington, D.C.'s Pop-up Bar called Rewind Y2K will do just that! Located in DC’s vibrant neighborhood at Dupont Circle inside the retro-themed Decades night club, Rewind Y2K showcases seven of my specialty cocktails, each tailored to...

Oldfashioned 486759832

Innovation and Scotch Cocktails

The global whisky boom of the last decade has brought a BOOM in innovations from whisky distillers. As we see age statements fall by the wayside we get new offerings that feature creative ways, such barrel finishing or barrel selection. One of these new innovations is The Glenlivet Founders...


Founding Simplicity

Photo Credit -  Let’s face it – you could spend a lot of money on obscure ingredients and spend twenty minutes trying to make a cocktail you had at that expensive restaurant downtown…OR you could discover the amazingly delicious world of three ingredient cocktails using The Glenlivet Founders...

Gettyimages 936999192

Scotch Frozen? Why Not!?

Photo Credit - GetttyImages / kajakiki When you think of a frozen refreshment, what is the first drink you think of? Margarita? Pina Colada? How about a Scotch frozen? Take a leap and try this refreshing twist on the classic Blood and Sand cocktail! I suggest using Glenlivet Founder’s...

Whiskey 906828724 %281%29

Whisky and Water

Photo Credit - gettyimages/ronstik One of the most common questions put to any bartender or beverage professional is always; how do you drink your whisky?  Or even, how should I drink my whisky?  While the most common answer to the latter is “the way you enjoy it best,” the former question is...


Aphrodisiac Cocktails Anyone? Pt. 2: Gentlemen's Edition

Photo Credit - Getty Images/ bhofack2​ How about an arousing aphrodisiac cocktail and fun facts this Valentine’s month that are sure to stimulate your taste buds…and possibly more?  Welcome back to part 2 of our 2-part aphrodisiac cocktails article series in honor of the month of love…and much...

Prusa martell mixinthehistory socialmedia square

Mix in the History: Black History Month & The African American Bartender

Photo Credit -  **Scroll to the bottom of this article for delicious cocktail recipes, all curated by influential African American mixologists based in the Maryland & Washington, D.C. areas.** What is Black History Month? February is a month dedicated to recognizing key African...

Gettyimages 1036487974

Aphrodisiac Cocktails Anyone? Pt. 1: Ladies’ Edition

Photo Credit - VeselovaElena/Getty Images How about arousing aphrodisiac cocktails and fun facts this Valentine’s month that are sure to stimulate your taste buds…and possibly more?  Buckle up as Sly Cosmopoulos, Republic National Distributing Company’s Corporate Mixologist, takes us on this...

Gettyimages 846291640

Milk & Honey | Adding a Little Culture to Your Cocktail

Photo Credit -v Getty Images/Sanny11 When you think of refreshing cocktail ingredients, yogurt is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. Dairy in beverage form tends to conjure up images of dessert drinks like milkshakes, malts, White Russians, Brandy Alexanders, and/or Grasshoppers....

Whiskey 665548704

Drinking it Straight in 2019

Photo Credit - Lacheev / GettyImages Do you ever envy that cool guy or gal at the bar that orders bourbon on the rocks?  Wondering how you can stop drinking mixed drinks and start enjoying the subtle nuances of a fine Cognac?  Well I’ve been there and done that, and I’m now an avid straight...

Brand mixology monday

Adventure Sipping with Brandy

Photo Credit -  CHOO CHOO! All aboard the brandy train! Brandy is kicking the door down in the American market cocktail scene. Often misunderstood, what is clear is its resurgence in the beverage marketing sector in a consumer-focused industry. Brandy is any distilled spirit made from...

Gettyimages 886840560

The Infamous Alton Brown Aged Eggnog

Photo Credit - kajakiki/Getty Images As most folks seem to know, Alton Brown is the man.  Not only has he nailed cooking, but he has a keen understand of alcohol. During the holiday season, you may indulge in some eggnog, but the problem for most people is that the carton you buy at the...

Gettyimages 495172754

Nog Suited for the Naughty & Nice

Photo Credit - Minzia/Getty Images If you see a large man… Who’s jolly and cute, Wearing a beard and a red flannel suit, and if he is chuckling and laughing away, while flying around in a miniature sleigh with eight tiny reindeer to pull him along, then let’s face it… Your eggnog...

Gettyimages 497814534

Get in the Holiday Spirits

Photo Credit - Getty Images/Julia Sudnitskaya The time is upon us. The holidays. For some, it is a time to get all the decorations down from the attic and begin the process of turning the “humble abode” into a winter wonderland. I mean, sometimes you just HAVE to show up your Cousin...

Gaby dyson 1148567 unsplash

Why the Bar Industry?

Photo Credit - Gaby Dyson/Unsplash Ever since getting into the hospitality industry at the tender age of 15 as a host for a restaurant, I have been fascinated by the bartender. It was either a really pretty female that just had this witty awesomeness about her, or a well built and good-looking...

Gettyimages 140163809

A Grasshopper Walks Into a Bar...

Photo Credit- dyscoh/Getty Images The bartender says, “We have a drink named after you.” The grasshopper asks, “Why do you have a drink named Stanley?” …A classic bar joke and a classic after-dinner cocktail. The Grasshopper was created around 1919 at Tujague’s in the New Orleans’ French...

Piscosour 01 01

Pass Me A Pisco Sour Por Favor

Photo Credit - Viennetta/ShutterStock Feeling the itch to add a special twist to your holiday party this year? A Pisco sour might just fill that void. With its tangy sour flavor, hidden under its fun and frothy topping, your guests are sure to rave about it for months to come! The best part...

Lily banse 608815 unsplash

Cocktail Sense and Seasonality

Photo Credit - LilyBanse/Unsplash Scotch in the winter, vodka in the summer, and everything in between during the fall and spring. Whether its a new appetizer or a cocktail special, ever since Joe Baum opened the Four Seasons in 1959, the idea of a seasonality, “creating food and drinks that...

Marc babin 625288 unsplash

How to be More Cordial

Photo Credit - Unsplash/MarcBabin Cordials- They were first produced in Italian Apothecaries during the renaissance period, and then refined in England in the 15th and 16th century. Cordial spirits’ profiles can range from creamy, nutty, spicy, herbal, and of course fruity. The base spirit is...

Lily banse 608822 unsplash

Savannah’s Historically Famous Cocktail

Photo Credit - Unsplash/Lily Banse  Thousands of visitors flock to this famous port city every year to enjoy all the things that make it the south’s most historic vacation destination.  With lush oak trees covered in Spanish moss, historic houses with wrought iron gates, and cobblestone...

Gettyimages 616262182

Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice

Photo Credit - gettyimages/macarosha In today's market what once was a bit of a challenge to create cocktails with pumpkin, is now fairly simple with Reàl Pumpkin Syrup. Though the trend has been made widely popular by baristas, it also now being asked for in cocktail bars. During the holidays...

Drink egg

To Egg, or Not to Egg…

Photo Credit - Natalie Donofrio In the wake of the modern bartender creating all manners of flavors, the search for an ingredient to set them apart was set to “full steam ahead”. People from all parts of the world began to look into ingredients from all around them in order to create something...

Gettyimages 908003686

Save the Spirits! - Building Your Cocktails

Photo Credit - gettyimages/MaximFesenko To err is only human and every single one of us makes mistakes. If there were ever a formula for creating a mishap it would be: “Perform a delicate task while under high stress” i.e. bartending. If we can accept the concept of our own imperfection as...

Istock 843248508

Sustainable Cocktails: Peel, Infuse, Dehydrate Repeat

Photo Credit - istock/foxys_forest_manufacture Bars and restaurants are looking to repurpose their waste and better their costs, and it is a lot easier than you would think. Here’s a look at a few methods I use at the RNDC Vision Bar: Repurpose all the fruits and herbs left over after a...

Gettyimages 541299506

Conscious Drinking & New Cocktails

Photo Credit- gettyimages/AnnaPustynnikova Recently I’ve been working with a team of scientists from Nova Southeastern University’s (NSU) Department of Pharmaceutical Science, as well as a chemical engineer, to develop a database for spirits mixed with super fruits, terpene/dabs, cannabis oils...

Gettyimages 541585102

Why Classics are Called Classic.

Photo Credit -gettyimages/grandriver In a past life, I was a beverage manager for multiple cocktail bars, and the first thing I always taught new hires was classic cocktails. In 2018 it seems everyone wants to be unique, and I firmly believe having offerings that another bar may not, will...

Istock 492483916

The Perception of Flavor

Photo Credit - istockphoto/sveta_zarzamora One thing is for sure, the food and beverage industry is driven by flavor- We are driven by flavor. On a daily basis restaurants and bars across the U.S. try and guess what flavors their consumers will embrace, and what will be top sellers in their...

Istock 664393956

The Art of a Great Gin & Tonic

Photo Credit - istockphoto/Rimma_Bondarenko In America, Gin & Tonic’s this may seem pretty basic, but in Spain these cocktails are works of art. Typically a Spanish gin tonic will be served in a large, stemmed glass and some bars and restaurants will have dozens of different varieties....

Istock 817342338

Cold Press Cocktails Are Hot

Photo Credit - istock/JulijaDmitrijeva The U.S. has never been more passionate about organic produce than the present day. The organic fad is growing at such an aggressive rate, that more and more restaurants and bars are integrating healthier options to utilize in their mixed drinks and...


Sipsmith Gin Port City Punch Competition

Photo Credit- Loni Lewis Two months ago to the day, on April 11th, 2018 seven of Savannah’s best bartenders met up at 11am to tour a local educational garden at Bethesda Country Day School.  Why? It was the first leg of the Sipsmith Port City Punch Competition, where bartenders chose the...

The shady grove

Vintage Drinks and Where to Find Them

Photo Credit- istockphoto/bhofack2 For many bartenders, classic cocktails are the foundation of skill and knowledge, and for many happy drinkers out there, classic cocktails are some the best and favorite drinks to order and enjoy. Often times, sayings about a classic cocktail might go...

Istock 527527932

Classic American Cocktails with an Asian Twist

Photo Credit - istockphoto/lilechka75 Do you want a craft cocktail, but you don’t want to experience the same old scene with a bartender decked out in skinny jeans and a mustache? Now more than ever before, you can take what was once limited to a dimly lit mixology bar to the comfort of your...

Istock 494341810

When Life Gives you Limes, Make Margaritas

Photo Credit - istockphoto/karandaev As the 5th of May rapidly approaches, our taste buds gravitate towards a certain classic cocktail, the Margarita. Two years in a row this adult beverage has been named America’s favorite cocktail, and no other day of the year have we indulged more on this...

Istock 511013972

Orchestrating The Perfect Cocktail Menu

Photo Credit - istock/Ezhukov No cocktail menu should be just a cocktail menu. Before customers have a cocktail menu in their hand, their eyes have been wandering and scanning the room, gathering their thoughts and judgments on your bar. Most likely, the menu is what a customer will spend the...

Istock 877195242

Meet Me Beneath the Swizzle Stick Tree

Photo Credit - istock/andy__gin             Feeling disappointed by shaken or stirred drinks? The swizzle stick is the trending obscure bar tool that’s on the must-have list for all swizzle drink enthusiasts.  The Le Bois Lele, also known as the swizzle stick has been behind the creation of...

Istock 644929624 %281%29

Top o' the Mornin' to Ya- Irish Coffee's History

Photo Credit - istock/Ekaterina Molchanova As I sit freezing and watching the snow fall in Southern Louisiana, I find myself craving an Irish Coffee. After all, St. Patrick’s Day will be upon us before you know it. You must be careful when ordering one of these classic elixirs. There are...

Istock 665653578 %281%29

The Truth About "The Green Fairy"

Photo Credit - istock/279photo Mark today, March 5th, on your calendars as National Absinthe Day! Absinthe has quite a debauched reputation of spinning its imbibers into hallucinations, or total madness (yikes). Buckle up, it is our main goal to debunk these stereotypes throughout this post....

Istock 671800232

Stocking a Sweet Home Bar

Photo Credit - istock/NikiLitov There are only a few things more enjoyable than having a properly stocked bar in the comfort of your own home. I’m not talking about having one go-to bottle stashed away in the back of your freezer, and a 6-pack of beer that you picked up on your way home from...

Istock 826909992

Make your Cocktail Sparkle for Any Season!

Photo Credit - istock/bhofack2 Champagne and sparkling wine have long been used as an ingredient in cocktails all over the globe.  One of the most popular Champagne cocktails is the “French 75” which was originally created in 1915 at Harry's New York Bar in Paris.  The French 75 calls for 2...

Istock 643919768

Tea as Old as Time

Photo Credit - istock/5PH Step aside crumpets and finger sandwiches, teatime is also the perfect time to enjoy a myriad of delicious and easy to make tea cocktails! A favorite around the world, tea is an ageless beverage that is also a finding its way into the hearts of cocktail...


Mix in the History: The African American Bartender

Photo Credit - Weikerken Altema, Surpass Visuals LLC What is Black History Month? February is a month dedicated to recognizing key African American’s achievements and contributions to America’s culture and society throughout history. Formalized in 1976, Black History Month, also known as...

Istock 868848124

Do You Yuzu?

Photo Credit - istock/Theerawan Bangpran Modern beverage consumers have presented beverage specialists and enthusiasts with this seemingly impossible goal – create a cocktail that’s simple, has a depth of flavor, is fast and easy to make, yet unique and delicious. However difficult creating...

Istock 839893042

Libations that'll Make Your Mouth Water (Literally)

Photo Credit - istock/maximfesenko Merriam-Webster defines an aperitif as: “an alcoholic drink taken before a meal as an appetizer”. “aperitif.” 2017. Web. 29 September 2017. At first glance this definition seems considerably loose, referring to one’s choice of ‘when’...

Istock 680866296

Ordering at a Bar: Where Everyone Wins

Photo Credit - iStock/santypan Have you ever been sitting quietly at the bar minding your own, (Maybe you’re out with friend, maybe you were just thirsty.) when someone comes up next to you and starts waving their hand in the air desperately trying to get the bartenders attention? Everyone at...

Istock 495172754

Happy National Eggnog Month

Photo Credit - iStock/Mizina December is National Eggnog Month! An entire month to celebrate the delightfully spiced and spiked, egg and milk concoction. The lineage of this unique cocktail is debated, but most cocktail historians agree that it is derived from a 13th century elixir called...

Istock 579747710

Crafting Delicious Cocktails at Home

Photo Credit - iStock/MaximFesenko Ever been to a bar and had the “Most Amazing Cocktail EH-VER”? Often, certain bars put out the most delicious drinks, with seeming effortlessness. So, what do you do to try and replicate this experience at home? Perhaps you take a picture of the menu, make...

Istock 579259436

Raise A Glass to Repeal Day

Photo Credit - iStock/MaximFesenko December 5th marks the anniversary of Repeal Day. The thirteen years of Prohibition were a dark time for the United States, as the criminalization of alcohol led not only to a rise in civil delinquency and organized crime, but also to the loss of customs...

Istock 469719834

The American Pie of Spirits

Photo Credit - iStock/bhofack2 Bourbon is a super-hot spirit right now. How should you celebrate all the wonderful things about this uniquely American spirit? Maybe you could take a drive along The Kentucky Bourbon Trail and explore the distilleries and the history. You could always plan...

Istock 522670331

Holiday Cocktail Survival Kit

Photo Credit - iStock/AlexRaths Many have seen Planes, Trains, and Automobiles- A movie that still makes me laugh the egg nog out of my nose, and question the sanity of my family. The holidays are a time to eat home cooked meals, bring family and friends together, and most importantly, share a...

Istock 615980552

A Classic That Really Packs a Punch

Photo Credit - iStock/bhofack2 For many of us, punch has been a large part of our party beverage options since we were children. A mere mention of the word probably conjures memories of super-sweet concoctions full of an assortment of fruit juices with 7up and sherbet. But, punch has a long...

Istock 517047951 %281%29

History of the Frozen Cocktail

Photo Credit - iStock/dias46 Are we in the renaissance of the frozen cocktail? An “golden ice age” of cocktails - redesigned, fresher, tastier, and colder than before? The trends of the past few summers would say yes. Now before you get a sugar rush thinking about it, these aren’t your...

Istock 849850344

Isn't it ironic? The Beer Cocktail

Photo Credit - iStock/Milkos I remember a specific moment about 5 years ago that I ordered a “have to try, can’t imagine how it will work out” cocktail at a nearby highly reputable restaurant.  I couldn’t stand it, I couldn’t believe someone put it on a menu, and I thought “this is the worst...

Istock 838386266

Modern Cocktail Applications for Gorgeous Looking Drinks!

Photo Credit - iStock/MaximFesenko Looking to wow your party guests with a truly unique looking cocktail this Halloween? Use these two new mixology applications to create this awesome looking Asian Fizz long drink created by Florida mixologist David Ortiz. Aqua Faba: Bring on the...

Istock 640180280

The Grand Tasting Event - Miami

Photo Credit - iStock/marchello74 Don’t miss out on the fifth annual Craft Spirits Fest’s Grand Tasting event. This Friday October 13th, the largest spirits and cocktail festival in Miami concludes with an evening full of cocktails, local restaurant hors d'oeuvres, and live music. The...

Istock 666984906

When All Else Fails: The New York Sour

Photo Credit - iStock/alpaksoy The look on someone’s face when a bartender starts to pour wine on top of a cocktail is priceless.  While Sangrias, Sangarees, Spritzers, and Punches are always a popular favorite, the thought of taking a wine bottle and literally pouring a layer of wine over a...

Istock 533247052

Graduating from Trash Can Punch

Photo Credit - iStock/a_namenko The punch itself is almost a lost art. Sure, you could say that frat houses are keeping the punch alive in trash cans across America, and while that certainly gets the job done, it’s lacking a bit in the elegance department. The punch deserves so much more. Some...


Just Make the Drink

Photo Credit - Rebecca Wright Last week, I was talking to a bartender who was telling me that you should never order a mojito in his bar and I felt compelled to defend both the mojito and the desire to drink one. Here is what I said: I will make you a mojito. No, really. You want one? I...

Istock 545575246

To Fee or Not to Fee? (Are glycerin-based bitters inferior to ethanol-based bitters?)

Photo Credit - iStock/jacoblund Bitters are a fundamental cocktail component with origins rooted in medicinal tinctures. There is a seemingly infinite variety of bitters being produced commercially with new brands and flavors hitting the market daily; the vast majority of them are made with a...


Best Long Drink - 2017 WSWA Iron Mixologist Competition

Photo Credits - Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America Republic National Distributing Company's Florida Mixologist, David Ortiz, was awarded Best Long Drink at the 2017 Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America Iron Mixologist Competition. The WSWA Iron Mixologist Competition took place...

Occc invite 02

Ocean City Cocktail Conference

Ocean City- A well-known resort town in Maryland that showcases miles of beaches, restaurants, bars, and people both young and old looking for a good time. While many locals and tourists look for theme park attractions, Republic National Distributing Company and Pernod Ricard brought a different...

Istock 579747710

The Art of the Cocktail Competition

Photo Credit - iStock/MaximFesenko In today’s competitive hospitality industry, one of the most important aspects for success it to engage and build relationships with industry professionals such as bartenders.  The Cocktail Competition has emerged as a key type of event that is used to forge...

Finn maccool

Cocktail - The Finn MacCool

Photo Credit - Rebecca Wright This is one of the first really crafty drinks that I designed when I ran a bar. It’s a fun twist on an Old Fashioned. Four easy ingredients that all combine to deliver a velvety smooth and orange heavy experience. The name comes from an old Irish legend. Think...

Istock 537641816 %281%29

Underused & Abused - Grenadine

Photo Credit: iStock/bhofack2 Notable Cocktails - Jack Rose, Ward 8, Clover Club, Monkey Gland, Tequila Sunrise The story of grenadine is a sad one. How did it go from a proud ingredient in some of the best classic cocktails, to a bright red doom on grocery store shelves? What is the flavor...

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